Jazz Player Cafe du Monde


This musician was playing nearly all day outside Cafe du Monde In Jackson Square in New Orleans. You could hear the music a block away as you approached the cafe, our first stop every time we travel to New Orleans. After three  beignets apiece…(and powered sugar scatter all over us and the table, and a large cup of coffee, we listened to the jazz player before we started our trek to the end of the French Market.

Jazz Player 1 71 copy

Three hours later we headed back to the cafe for more beignets and other cup of coffee. The jazz player was still there and I captured this shot at that time.  In between, we sampled some pralines and shared one too. Our trips to the the French Quarter is certainly not a low calorie event. However we did walk back to the street car at the intersections of Bourbon  and Canal Streets which included a stop at Bubba Gumps along the way.

The next day we were going to head to Market Street before going back home let in the afternoon. We love New Orleans!




Take Interesting Photographs

Take photographs that are interesting to you. That’s the fun of photography. Shoot it when you see it. People often ask me “What do you specialize in?” and I reply, ” Anything that is of interest to me at the time I see it.”

Everyone has special interests, but you must like the photograph first…for whatever reason.  And if you see something you like, do not pass it up….like I have on special occasions and most recently the other afternoon.  I plan on going back at the same time ago and see if the same scene of the sail boats at harbor is still there…but I don’t know.

There is really to reason to explain to any one why you took such and such a photograph. If you like it take it.  And if you take it and still like it…have a an enlargement made of it, have it matted and framed and display in your home, your apartment, or your college dorm. Display the talents you own.

Look for angles and composition that interest you. We have talked before about taking a walk….do it and see the different angles of your subject. Most of today’s cameras have good zoom lens and you can take several shots of the subject from several different angles. Be creative…then tell yourself… ”Hey..that IS a very good picture.”

For example, I have included three photographs with this blog…one  a sign on Beal Street in Memphis that I thought was  neat; a color shot of some flowers at a farmers‘s market outside of Memphis, yes I did say color, and some workers at Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarter in New Orleans taking a break.

None of these were planned, I saw them and took them. You can do the same.

Some of these may end up in my Mississippi River Gallery…someday.


Coffe Break time at Cafe Du Monde  NO  1 jpg

Farmers Market 1  copy

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