Stage Harbor Lighthouse

If you have never seen a lighthouse without its light, I have one for you. This abandoned lighthouse “Stage Harbor, “is located on Cape Cod, MA. It is not really abandoned, but is privately owned and sits on private property. The lighthouse was called “Stage” from the many early fishermen in the area who used racks, or “stages” to dry their fish at a nearby beach. It is located at Harding’s Beach, Nantucket Sound.
The 48-foot cast iron tower and lighthouse keepers framed house were constructed in 1880 The light was placed in service on July 15, 1880, and was visible for 12 nautical miles. In 1933, it was decommissioned and the lighthouse and the keeper were replaced with an automated lighthouse in another area. 
You might ask, where is the light for the lighthouse? That’s a good question. After the lighthouse was deactivated, the “light” part of it was removed and the top of the light holder was sealed to keep the elements out. It is still that way today. The lighthouse is also Called Hardings Beach Lighthouse.
This photograph was taken in September 2001. There are 14 lighthouses on the cape. No, I did not visit all of them.
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Abandonerd Car

This abandoned car was found along the back waters of the Mississippi River in Southeastern Minnesota. Sitting on the ground with the front doors wide open, it appears the driver who last drove the car just got out and walked away.  The building in the background is a Civil War era house. It is part of a homestead which once contained several buildings including a barn/stable. The old car is believed to be a Chrysler. This scene was captured in 2000. The last time I had seen the car was in 2016, but the barn/stable was gone.
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Street Piano Player

The photo of the week is a street piano player we stumbled across while walking the streets of the French Quarter searching for doorways. It is probably my favorite of doorway scenes. There she is with her piano, the bag for contributions and her cart to haul the piano home, wherever that might be.. She would stop people walking by on the sidewalk and give them some kind of an instrument so they could play along with her and start an impromptu band on the spot. Everyone enjoyed the lady and her music.

Street Piano Player 2 copy

Falls Mill

falls-mill-waterSometimes the lighting will never work out right for you until you take a look at the results. At a gallery night in Pensacola recently a person told me about this mill in Tennessee near the Jack Daniels distillery.

After talking to the tourist welcome center in Tennessee and a shop keeper near Jack Daniels we found the location of the mill near Maxwell which is between Fayetteville and Winchester, TN. Then we found the mill but I wanted to wait for an afternoon sun for better lighting.. We went to a local  “down home ”restaurant for the noon plate special and returned to the mill. The afternoon sun never really appeared. It actually got darker as a storm was approaching. The lighting actually worked to my advantage as it high lighted the leaves on the trees as well.

This is the Falls Mill and Country Store. It is listed on the National register of Historic Places is a working water powered grain mill and museum. It is a very scenic site.  

Joe Patti’s Seafood Wharf

Joe Patti’s Seafood Market in Pensacola is a great place to buy all kinds of delicious seafood…and a wonderful place to take  photographs too. But when you take a  photograph, the scene you  saw may not be the one you finally printed on paper. This scene was one of about 20 different photos I took with both a film and a digital camera.   You are  confronted by not only what size to make the print…but how to make it as well.

After selecting the photograph I liked best, I was undecided how I wanted to  make the print.

Let me show you what happened.  Here is the photograph I selected, a digital one, and it is in color. It is very colorful.

orignal color web

Here is the same scene converted to black & white. Not too bad.

B&W  web

Now, here is what I did with it in color. I like this.

Color final web

And here is the finished color print in black & white. It almost become a “line drawing” type of photo.

B&W final web

I like the ones I vignetted to give a softer appearance.    The color vignetted print was my final choice. It will look especially nice on a watercolor paper. It will also make nice note cards too.


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