One Photograph-Three Scenes

When you have a photograph that you want to frame and hang in your home, you have several decisions to make before you hang it.

First: do you need to crop or reformat the photo?  Or is it great just the way its?  There may be some parts you don’t want to show or you may want a vertical photograph made from a horizontal scene.That can be done too.

Second: then once you have made that decision, your next one will be to decide what size you want the finished print before you mat and frame it.

Don’t go too large or you may lose some of the crispness of the photo and don’t go to small so that you lose some of the detail.  For example, I have a Nikon with a “half sensor” as I call it.  If the photo is fairly sharp and in focus, I can go to a 17×22 print without have it becoming too fuzzy or blurred.  But an 8×10 or 11×14 matted print and framed will make a nice wall hanging in most homes. An 8×10 could be matted for an 11×14 frame; An 11×14 print could be matted for a 16 x20 frame, which are all standard sizes.

Third: once you decide on the size of the print you will need to have your print made, or make it yourself. If you have a non standard print you can buy a standard size frame and have a mat cut to the size of the photo, or you can take it to a framing shop and pick out a mat and a frame and have them do all the work for you.

Here is an example of one photo which turned into three  different photos. I have titled it “Love on The Beach.” It was taken just after sun down aiming towards the sunset.

The first photo is the original as it came from the camera.

The second has been cropped to become a long narrow photograph. The third has been cropped to be more of a  vertical  scene. Take your pick. Which do you like best?



Sailing Into The Sunset

There are times you take a very good photograph but  do not know it until see the finished results. This photograph is one of those events. Our daughter from Chicago was visiting and as we do with all visitors we headed out to Pensacola Beach later in the afternoon.

As we sat up our chairs we watched two motorized parasailers flew be out over the gulf and disappeared down the beach.

Florida is known for its beautiful sunsets and this evening was going to be one of them as we sat enjoying the cooling gulf breezes on a hot day.

The setting sun went behind the clouds as  one parasailer came back towards us, waved as he passed by overhead and headed into the sunset. Just then the sun suddenly came  through the clouds and I took several different photos as the sun illuminated the sail and cast  a glow around it.

I had the camera set to capture the sunset and the parasailer was a dramatic addition to the scene.  Many times when you shoot directly into the sun with a digital camera you will get glare or reflections in the lens, but not this time!

I am showing the scene in both color and black and white but I like the color photo the best.


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