Two Winners

This week’s photos of the week you may have seen before on my website.. The first one was taken in Times Square in 1959 and the second was taken two years ago along the beach at Destin Fl.

Both received Merit Awards in the 2011 February Black & White Magazines Single Image Contest Awards. The interesting thing about the Times Square photograph is that it is one of 5 (originally I thought I had only taken 2) that I took that evening way back when. I Have used a different photograph of that scene without a bus up until a couple years ago when I discovered this other photograph trying to organize all my old negatives…and there it was. I like it much better that the scene without the bus.

It  was not a time exposure, but just a slow shutter speed with the f/stop cranked wide open. It was taken with an Yashica mat camera.

The second photograph is one of a Great Blue Heron which was strutting around a small sunken sailboat on the beach at Destin. I had several different shots of the bird and this one I cropped only the portion of the heron for the photograph and not the boat behind it. A color version of this photograph appears on my “Color Gallery.” It was a cloudy day and the detail came out very well.

These images were two of  3,395 submitted for the international competition. The publication will be on newsstands in early December.

Beach bum   web site   2 copy
Bus in Times Square

Beach Bum

When we talk abouit “beach bums” we all have different ideas of what a “beach bum” could be….it could be a person who loves the beach and hangs out there, a person who loves the beach….or a homeless person who lives on the beach. This photo of the week is my version of a “beach bum,” that certainly lives on and along the beach.

It was captured near Destin, FL in 2009 while I was scouting out some photos of a small beached sail boat. The bird turned out better than the sail boat. It was taken on a cloudy day so that none of the detail was lost in deep shadows.

I focused on the bird’s eyes and you will notice that the water in the background and the beach in the foreground is slightly out of focus…as is the end of the bird’s beak. I also have a color shot of the bird that is in my “other” gallery…soon to be renamed.

Beach bum bw  1  copy

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