I have been known to travel 100’s of miles to photograph a light house but we have one here in Pensacola  just 45 minutes from our house. and it took several years before I took some photographs of it.   I have never made a print of it until recently. So here is is.

This Featured Photos displays the Pensacola Lighthouse at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. This tower was constructed in 1858 and was first lite on January 1, 1859.  It stands  150 feet tall. The light house was damaged during the Civil War but was repaired.  The fully restored Keepers’ Quarters has been full restored and is now a museum and a gift shop.

Before the Civil War the lighthouse was all white  Later the upper two thirds was painted black. It was electrified in 1935 and the light was automated in 1965

This photograph was taken on a cloudy morning using trees as a frame. A wide angle lens helps makes iit a nice presentation.

The world’s largest Naval aviation museum is nearby.


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