Everyone tells you to “fill the frame” with your camera so that you get “the best of everything” in your photograph. But what is “the best of everything?” It could be your subject…it could be color…it could be sky..it could be just about anything. In a previous blog we discussed cropping your photograph to its best advantage. With zoom lens on early all the cameras these days, you can move the zoom back and forth to fill the frame.

You can also walk around for a different position on the same subject to see how it looks. And with the miracle of digital photography, you can shoot several photos without being afraid of running out of film. Most people I know tend to overshoot and then spend time trying to edit their work or spend houses trying to decide which photo they like best.

I always tend to leave a bit more in the frame than what I will end up with. This gives some “space to play around with” if I want to crop it tighter on the final photograph. If you fill the frame too tight and you want to crop for a particular size print you may end up losing part of the photograph that you really liked.

For example, my photograph “Looking for the Spirit,” in a recent photo of the week titled “Indian Pow Wow,” was the full frame of the photo…and it was a bit tighter than I normally wold have liked, . But I was shooting with the zoom way out from a distance with the camera on a tripod and it filled the frame. If I would make different size prints of this photo, I would tend to lose a bit of it depending upon the size of the final print.

The scene “Going to The Beach,” a mother and her young daughter walking to the beach, leaves enough space in case I want to crop it a bit tighter…or leave it as it is. The emphasis will still be on the two people walking down the path towards the beach.

The post on the right front and the beach grasses on each side of the path lead your eye to the couple going down to the beach..and then you see the surf in front of them.

Looking for The Spirit  water

Going to  the beach copy

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