There are many times when I believe that photographers are “picture takers” rather than photographers.  However, you need to take more than just one snapshot of a subject as well. When we  use digital cameras we are not burning through film, and it is  not costly to take several different angels of the subject.

This blog is a case in point. I was working on photographing the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, LA and the day’s mission was to locate three or four plantation homes. You will see my favorite home on the Photo of the Week. However, that scene was the last one I had taken of the Nottoway Plantation Home.

This blog shows you four more scenes I captured while walking around the stately home. The view changes as you walk and I believe the last view in the photo of the week was the best of all.  I did take the scenes in color, but they do not have the impact of the black and white ones. (My opinion).

There were several people at the home that day taking photographs and they walked around the front and the side and captured their views.  But only one or two walked to the back and captured the best of all.

The lesson here is more is better than less….or take your time and find the best view possible and then capture that. Always take at least two photos of each scene, just in case something happens to the first one. Do not be a “one shot” picture taker.

“OK,” you ask, “How many different photos did I take of this house?”  I took about 30 before I was done.

Here are the other scenes of the home.

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