What a difference a couple of minutes  make….or taking a few steps for a change of view of the same scene. I  always advocate not to take too many photos of the same scene, but certainly take more than one if you can. A different view may put a different prospective on the scene.

With this blog I have included two different views of three different scene. These  scenes taken recently in Nova Scotia.

The first set of scenes was taken on a foggy morning along the coast and were actually taken about three minutes apart from two different viewpoints. Look at how quickly the fog is disappearing from the first scene to the second scene. I said they were taken three minutes apart, but it probably was not even that long…and the distance was only a few feet.

These are typically of the scenes that will greet you as you travel the back roads along the coast line of that province.

The second two photos were taken at the Digby Fishing Harbor in Nova Scotia. The area is known for its scallop fishing, but all the scallop ships were out that day. The first scene was shortly after sunup on a foggy morning. You can still see the redness of the morning sun in the fog.

The second scene was taken about 10 minutes later. Much of the fog has disappeared and the color the sky has changes as well.

The third set was taken  in a small inlet harbor. The lone boat was tied up to the dock and you see the full reflections of the one building in the fishing village in the water.

In the second scene, you see more of the dock, more buildings, but lose the perspective of the boat and the reflections in the water. I think I like the second scene better because of the total composition plus the sky has just a bit more tone to it.




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