This Featured Photo  is a bit different…it is black & white and color photograph of a  shrimp boat in harbor during a sunset on Florida’s gulf coast.  With the brilliant sunset in the background the boat at harbor turns out in black and white because there is no sun shining on it.  It is also receiving reflections of the dark evening water.

If you look very carefully in the lower left, you will see just a bit of the color of the sunset on the water. But the shrimp boat and the boats at another harbor in the background are black and white as they are silhouetted by the brilliant sunset;. When I took the photograph I thought there would be more reflected color on the shrimp boat, but it has disappeared. You never know what you will get on a photograph. It  appears differently  when you make a print  than it does through the viewfinder when you take it. It just proves the saying that you never know what you have captured in a photograph until you make a print.

I did have another scene of the boat that I underexposed slightly to get a more brilliant sunset, but the boat was too dark.   This scene captured both the brilliance of the sunset and the shrimp boat at the same time.


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