Award winning photographer, Franklin (Frank) Brueske, has been taking and making his own photographs for more than 65-years.  Originally from Southeastern Minnesota, he became interested in photography while in elementary school and purchased his first camera from a rural community drug store when he was is the sixth grade. It took 127 film, was fixed focus, but had sun and cloud adjustments. He still has that camera today.

His interest in photography grew after he watched his cousin make enlargements in a make-shift darkroom one evening. His life was chaged or ever. A few years later he purchased the darkroom setup from his cousin and started developing his own film and making his own photos.

His  first photographs appeared in print in l955 while attending college. He graduated from Winona State University  (MN) with a BA degree in business and art.

He lived in New York City where he worked on a photography magazine and then spent six-years on daily newspapers in the mid-west as a writer/photographer, where he won many photography awards. His photographs appeared world wide. He has held many one man photography exhibits and produced a film documentary on the Upper Mississippi River. In addition to doing some freelance television film work, he also operated a photo studio and did extensive wedding photography. He has conducted photographic seminars for youths and adults.

His photographs are held by private collectors and medical, corporate and financial institutions. He also donates several fine art  prints to charitable organizations for fundraisers each year.

When he moved from Minnesota in 1972, to Washington, D.C., his photography equipment was boxed up and not opened until 20 years later…so there is a long lapse in his work. He is currently working on an exhibit of the Mississippi River.  He now resides in Pace/Pensacola, FL.

Specializing in black and white photography, his photographs reflect the many different images of his life.

Sixty-five years after making his first prints, he still makes his own prints today.

The images continue to display the spirit of his life. His journey continues…..

Pensacola Oak

I have always loved oak trees since I was a kid on our farm in Southeastern Minnesota. There was one big oak and a Box Elder in a field just behind the barn. On a fence line out in the fields there were three or four big oaks where the cows and horses would stand in...

San Antonio Missions

The history of the missions in Texas goes back several hundred years. The Alamo is probably the one Mission which most people remember in San Antonio, But did you know that the city boasts five missions going back to 1718 with the Alamo was constructed. The photograph...

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