This Featured Photo is a bit different. One you have seen here before, the other you have not. Here are two scenes of Times Square at Night taken from almost the same  spot, but taken 50 years apart. The first scene was taken in the late autumn of 1958….the second in July of 2008.

What a difference! In the first photograph  I was standing a bit to the left  on the intersection of 42nd Street and Broadway in Times Square. In 2008 I was more in the center of the intersection.

Of course they were taken with two different cameras: the first with a twin lens reflex and the second with digital camera with a wide angle lens.

And for those people who like like to see the scene in color, I have added the 2008 version in color too.

While I was not quite in the identical spot…but  maybe was maybe a foot or  two away from the first one taken 50 years ago they are almost identical in location. The prices for for individual  photographs.

Bus in Times Square


traffic in times square 1 copy


Times Square color 1

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